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A Recipe for Forgiveness

My father was troubled, moody, and struggled with alcoholism. Making dinner for our family was what brought him back to us.

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His Senate candidacy is a clear example of the warping effect that Donald Trump has had on the G.O.P. nationally.

Is Abortion Sacred?

Abortion is often talked about as a grave act. But bringing a new life into the world can feel like the decision that more clearly risks being a moral mistake.

Wendy Red Star’s Indigenous Gaze

The Crow photographer and multimedia artist confronts settler narratives with sly doses of “Indi’n humor.”

Treating Rape Victims in Ukraine

A grassroots effort is offering mental-health care to Ukrainians who’ve faced sexual violence at the hands of Russian forces.

Biden Caters to Autocrats and Draws Battle Lines in the Middle East

The President rallied Israel and key Arab nations as diplomacy on Iran’s nuclear program falters.

Proving That the State Killed Your Son

A New York State prison told Lonnie Hamilton that his son had hanged himself. He believed there was more to the story.
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Can Pickleball Save America?

The sport, beloved for its democratic spirit, could unite the country—if it doesn’t divide itself first.

Why Storytelling Is Part of Being a Good Doctor

Physicians’ education puts science front and center, but narrative can be a surprisingly powerful medicine.

The VW Bus Took the Sixties on the Road. Now It’s Getting a Makeover

Once, it sparked dreams of community and counterculture. What’s gained—and lost—when flower power is electrified?

When Tribal Nations Expel Their Black Members

Clashes between sovereignty rights and civil rights reveal an uncomfortable and complicated story about race and belonging in America.

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From This Week’s Issue

July 25, 2022
Silhouettes of people across the seareflective water.

“Time for Reflection,” by Christoph Niemann.


A goldfish in a clear plastic bag.
Photograph by Ina Jang for The New Yorker
Is the boy in the window attempting telepathy with Shara? If not, why won’t he look away? His head is three floors up, a postcard. But he’s found the sun. Solo, while the other windows on all sides of him feature multiple scowlers, some holding out their cell phones to record.

As above, so below: Shara, on the sidewalk, stands amid scowlers, too. Ranters and chanters.Continue reading »


God’s Grant Proposal

I’m writing to request fifty thousand dollars to aid in the creation of a new bipedal, mostly hairless, fairly bad-smelling mammal.

This Summer, Get Your Body Back

How to reclaim missing limbs—and constitutional rights!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Accusations Against Telescope

The congresswoman told reporters that the James Webb Telescope was making other galaxies available to Jewish lasers.

Jan. 6 and Chill

The televised hearings return to prime time.

香港6合总彩开奖结果|2022年香港历史记录|香港开奖结果+开奖记录2022年资料 Letter of Resignation

I hereby resign, because—sorry, Hillary—it’s unclear that the baby-eating is getting us any closer to that promised New World Order.